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 A note from the owner.

I started construction right out of my junior year in high school in 1999. For about four years did siding, then for about a decade bounced around doing framing and other miscellaneous construction work. I eventually ended up in a cabinet shop and fell in love with cabinetry and architectural millwork.  I learned the trade making doors, but also struggled to find a healthy home life and for the most part slowly fell into an uncontrollable alcoholic lifestyle which grew to be almost deadly by 2011. On June 15th 2011 I went into The Good Samaritan Rehabilitation Program, and two days in, was radically changed by the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not long after this, my ex-wife at the time, and I, of whom we both shared two little girls, decided to remarry and start a life together Gods way. At first, not wanting to just join back into some rough and tough hard- core construction crew, I worked alone, doing door to door sales for an insulation company. Talk about a tuff job!  But within a very short period of time, and through a series of circumstances that only the Lord could have orchestrated, one little project after another, and the tooling required to complete those jobs, became available. By 2014 I was invited to supply the cabinetry in a very special local commercial project... The Idaho Wildlife Museum which of course was a real game changer. Thank you, Dan and Kathryn! From there I focused in specifically just on custom cabinets and millwork projects and have grown to now to employ 5+ incredible hardworking employees. These guys are not just employees but tradesmen and I am very proud of them!

Currently my Wife Terrie and I are proudly raising 4 beautiful children (growing up way too fast!) and continue to serve the Lord as a family together. I am so blessed and honored now, to be apart of the Rosenberger team, and a few other renown builders, and remain focused on providing them and their clients, with the highest possible quality and service the industry can offer, in terms of Cabinetry, Doors, Entry, Millwork and Hardware!

My greatest passion is Jesus and my family, but when it comes to work, my next passion is Cabinetry and woodwork. I am truly the most blessed man I know, and am very thankful that God not only saved my life but restored my family and gave me a dream job too! 



Corby Cooper

P.S. A very special thanks to the ones who’ve made what I do possible!  My very supportive and beutiful wife Terrie Cooper, Pastor Tim & Cindy Remington, Dan & Kathryn Pinkerton, Sue Stone, Mark Chissie, Dale Thomas, Bill Phillips,  Mom and Dave, Ron and Shelley Rosenberger, Nolan Wright, so many others, and the Lord Jesus!

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